These Pumpkin Spice Pretzels Are Another Reason to Visit Disney Around Halloween

The pumpkin spice craze might be at an all-time high, but Disney's been mastering the trend for years now. Several years ago, Walt Disney World and Disneyland introduced seasonal pumpkin spice pretzels that are dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with orange-colored and milk chocolate. The snack also comes in a decorative little bag that's updated every year with a new design, and it's proving to be yet another reason to visit Disney during Halloween.

According to the Disney Food Blog, the festive pretzels are pretty delicious, too. Apparently, the pretzels have a light vanilla-based flavor with just a hint of pumpkin spice that is "not at all overwhelming." The blogger added, "I enjoyed these because the flavor didn't taste too artificial." Fortunately, they're available throughout parks nationwide for $8!