We Honestly Don't Know How to Feel About Disneyland's Eggnog Macarons

Disney's holiday macaron flavor has some people scratching their heads. For the Festival of Holidays celebration at Disneyland California Adventure, the park has introduced an unexpected eggnog macaron.

Let's be real: eggnog is a pretty polarizing holiday treat. So, to adapt that flavor for a macaron is an . . . interesting decision. We'll leave it at interesting. That being said, it's gotten some favorable reviews online! One food blogger wrote, "If you like eggnog, like I do, then you will love this." Adding, "It's pretty sweet, so you could probably share this with someone."

The macaron is currently available at the Winter Sliderland booth for $5. While you're at California Adventure, you might want to also try the new gingerbread funnel cake fries, because those are pretty much guaranteed to be delicious.