Disney's New Funnel Cake Is Drenched in Condensed Milk and Honey — Any Questions?

In celebration of the return of Fantasmic!, Disneyland introduced several new menu items, including the dazzling Milk and Honey Funnel Cake that's currently taking over Instagram. The mouthwatering funnel cake is topped with sweetened condensed milk, clover honey, edible flowers, and whipped cream in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Though the dessert is appealing to the eye, it's also pretty damn delicious. One food blogger who tried the funnel cake said, "We think it's unfair to say ours was topped with sweetened condensed milk and clover honey — no, ours was swimming in it." Adding, "The funnel cake itself was crispy on the outside but soft on the inside." They did, however, recommend sharing it with others as it is really sweet.

The Milk and Honey Funnel Cake can be found at the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Disneyland's Critter Country zone. Priced at $8, it's currently available for a limited time only, and Disney has not yet announced its end date.