Disney Has a Fruity Pebbles Churro Ice Cream Sandwich and We're Honestly Speechless

For foodies, a trip to one of Disney's many theme parks is incomplete without a churro. In the past year alone, Disney has improved upon its classic recipe with golden lemon-flavored churros and sparkling lightsaber churros. But now, there's an even more exciting addition: the Fruity Pebbles churro ice cream sandwich.

At the Downtown Disney district in Anaheim, California Churro has begun offering the insane cereal-dessert hybrid treat. With a dessert this in-demand, however, there are a few catches. The churro cart seems to swap out its different specialty flavors pretty regularly. While this makes things more exciting — oh, hi, Oreo churros — it might be difficult to predict when it'll have the Fruity Pebbles variety in stock.

In addition, the dessert is quite the DIY project. Though California Churro is know for its churro ice cream sandwiches, patrons are given the vanilla ice cream in a separate container so that they can fill the sandwich as they so please. That being said, one lucky person who tried it said the separate ice cream container made sharing easy and left them with some leftover ice cream, which isn't the worst outcome, right?