Disneyland Just Debuted a New Churro, and It Features a Sprinkle-Infused Confetti Dipping Sauce

If you thought Disneyland's recent reopening was magical enough, the park decided to take things one step further and go all out to celebrate the return of guests to the park. And by all out, we're referring to the newest mouthwatering dessert: the Celebration Churro. This birthday cake-flavored treat comes with a marshmallow sprinkle dipping sauce (it costs $1 extra, but trust us, it's a must), and it's not only delicious but also very Instagrammable. Coated in a baby blue dusting of sugar, this fried dough dessert should be priority number one upon entering the park for anyone looking for a new sweet treat to enjoy.

According to Disney-loving couple Matt and Lee, "the churro on its own [without the dipping sauce] tasted much like a traditional churro," they wrote on Instagram. The classic churro is a beloved Disney snack, but this one could add a little bit more color to your IG feed if you're looking to make your followers mouth's water with the sprinkles in the dipping sauce. You could also pair this snack with a Dole Whip for a double sweet treat feature! You can find this decadent dessert for just $6 at the churro cart in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, and we can promise it'll make you want to celebrate. Enjoy!