A Campfire Classic With a Magical Twist — Meet the New Sparkle Sugar S'mores at Disney World

Summertime and s'mores go together like Mickey ears and annual passes, so leave it to Disney to create the most tempting treat of them all just in time for sunnier days: the Roaring S'more. This new delicious dessert can be found at the Roaring Fork at Wilderness Lodge in Disney World, and to say it's sweet is an understatement. This tasty spin on the campfire classic has the perfect blend of flavors that range from sweet to salty and everything in between.

So, what makes this s'more so special, you ask? Let's start at the top: this four-layer decadent dessert features a fluffy, toasted caramel marshmallow that sits atop the whole creation. Right next to that is a super cute white chocolate-flavored Mickey decoration that you can dip right into the marshmallow. Under that is a deliciously rich dark chocolate mousse that requires multiple napkins upon biting into. Go down one more layer to reveal a glitter-dusted marshmallow that's filled with caramel sauce and crunchy crisp pearls. And last but certainly not least is a moist graham cracker cake with a honey undertone that holds the whole treat up. Yup, Disney did that. For just $6, you can enjoy this treat whenever you're craving a slice of summertime.