People Are Waiting in Hour-Long Lines For Disney's Oogie Boogie Popcorn Bucket

In honor of Halloween, Disneyland and Walt Disney World have unveiled a whole new line of spooky souvenirs and treats, many of them inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. In particular, the Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket has left people running around the park in search of the consistently sold-out product.

The creepy-crawly bucket depicts the Nightmare Before Christmas villain and includes a hatch at the back that stores the popcorn. At $15, the bucket is pretty pricey; however, it does make for a unique collector's item. That is, if you can find it! It's been reported by visitors that lines for the popcorn bucket last nearly an hour. Fortunately, many people are sharing restock updates on Instagram.

Remember Disney's viral Beauty and the Beast tumbler? Well, this is just like that, except way spookier. Ahead, see pictures of the limited-edition popcorn bucket.