Would We Wait 2 Hours For This Edible Cookie Dough? Yes, Yes We Would

In 2014, Kristen Tomlan left her job to pursue her confectionery dreams and create the best edible cookie dough. Now, Kristen's cookie dough venture has materialized in the form of Dō Cookie Dough Confections, which just opened its very first storefront in New York City.

Dō's products are entirely safe to eat because they are made with a pasteurized egg product and ready-to-eat flour — both of which are treated with a heat process that kills harmful bacteria and eliminates any chance of salmonella.

While edible cookie dough sounds simple enough, the highly anticipated brick-and-mortar shop has an extensive menu. For starters, you can order scoops of cookie dough or ice cream — or both — and have them served in a cup or cone with classic toppings. The cookie dough flavors include chocolate chip, sugar cookie, brownie batter, oatmeal M&M's, and commando — a signature dough without chocolate chips. Then there are crazier flavor combinations that bring together different toppings and flavors in an over-the-top manner, like the Chocolate Dream which combines brownie batter cookie dough, chocolate chips, and Oreo cookies.

In addition, Dō also offers ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, cookie cakes, pies, fudge, and more — all using their cookie dough, of course. If raw cookie dough was never your thing, you can also take the dough home to bake cookies or other treats.

Dō is officially open for business at 550 LaGuardia Place, Tuesday to Sunday starting at 10 a.m. You might want to get there early because the wait is said to be around one to two hours. Scoops range from $4 to $9. Ahead, we've rounded up some pictures of the adorable shop, as well as their most mouthwatering menu items.