Dolly Parton's New Strawberry Pretzel Pie Ice Cream Is Selling So Fast, It Broke the Internet

As if her résumé wasn't already impressive enough, the Queen of Country, aka Dolly Parton, has added "ice cream maker" to her long list of accomplishments. The singer teamed up with the Ohio-based company Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams to create a brand-new, limited-edition flavor, and it's so popular that it already crashed the ice cream shop's website. Named Strawberry Pretzel Pie, this new creation is "sweet and salty, with timeless appeal, deep American roots, and makes you feel good," according to the brand. It features layers of crunchy pretzel streusel, rich cream-cheese ice cream, and a red-hot strawberry sauce that's intertwined into every bite — which makes sense as to why the flavor is so sought after. The super-sweet collaboration is an ode to Dolly for her hard work, dedication to helping others, and inspiring legacy that she's still living out. And the best part is, the proceeds from the sales of the new dessert will benefit Dolly's Imagination Library, which is a book-gifting program that donates free books to children ages 5 and under — meaning not only do you get to eat ice cream, but you also get to help those in need while you're at it.

The mouthwatering new strawberry pie flavor hit stores on April 8 and is available online for nationwide delivery with a limit of two pints per purchase. But be warned, because only about 10,000 pints of the limited-time flavor were made, and they're selling out fast. So fast, that is, that people on eBay are trying to barter pints of the ice cream for $1,000 (yes, you read that right). This ice-cold commodity is making everyone scream for ice cream, and we can see why! With a flavor this delicious, it only makes sense as to why someone as iconic as Dolly is behind it.

Head over to your local Jeni's to taste-test the strawberry-infused treat or get a pint delivered right to your door, so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own kitchen. Since the Jeni's site is still down, you can add your email address to the site and get notified when this treat is available again. Thanks, Dolly, for creating the sweetest collab of all!