Dominique Ansel Is Coming to the West Coast, and That's Not Even the Most Exciting Part

Chef Dominique Ansel is coming to Los Angeles! The inventor of the Cronut, among many other creations that are known to attract lines down the block, is making his West Coast debut by opening not only a new Dominique Ansel Bakery, but also his first full-service restaurant. With the ever-so-fitting photo of his Frozen S'more photoshopped into a stretch of iconic LA palm trees, Dominique shared with his Instagram followers, "Heading to the West Coast in Fall 2017, along with lots of our signature creations and an entirely new full-service restaurant concept — our first-ever and largest spot anywhere in the world. This year is going to be a fun one!"

Dominique says he has been scouting LA for three years, and the new location will become a reality later this year. "Los Angeles feels like a new country," the chef told The Los Angeles Times. "It's a different culture here. People seem more patient; they seem to give you more of a chance to express yourself," he continued. That means that West Coasters will not only get to experience all of the French chef's Instagram-famous signatures, but they'll also get a taste of entirely new menu items.

"It's always been a dream of ours to extend our creativity beyond just pastries, to push ourselves forward and give you a full dining experience (don't worry, there will still be a Bakery component too, with all of our signatures)," Dominique wrote alongside an Instagram photo of his own sunglasses-wearing DKA, or Dominique's Kouign Amann, which is Dominique's personal favorite dessert.

Instead of bundling up to try Dominique Ansel's Blossoming Hot Chocolate in NYC, now fans can throw on their sunglasses and see what he has to offer in LA.