This Buttery Corn on the Cob Is Topped With Freaking Sweet Corn Soft Serve

Dominique Ansel continues to amaze us with his lineup of sweet treats this Summer. In addition to the bakery's visually captivating watermelon soft serve, the bakery's Tokyo locations currently offer an epic Crème de la Corn dessert.

So, what exactly is Crème de la Corn? The dessert consists of grilled corn on the cob that's been glazed with soy sauce and butter. The corn is then topped with a swirl of caramel sweet corn soft serve and little kernels of — you guessed it — even more corn. After you're done eating the soft serve, it's recommended that you do actually eat the corn on the cob, especially since it's been drizzled with soft serve and caramel at that point.

The dessert is available for a limited time every Summer for about 1,000 yen, or $9. To get an up-close look at the viral treat, check out pictures ahead.