Wow, Dunkin's New Halloween Drink Is an Orange and Black Espresso-Filled Masterpiece

The best way to spread Halloween cheer is by screaming loud for all to hear! Dunkin'-lovers will have no problem with that because the new lineup of seasonal goodies is here, and it's delicious enough to make anyone with a sweet tooth (or fang) shriek in delight. The newest crafted concoction for Halloween is a spellbinding Peanut Butter Cup Macchiato, and it has all the best flavors of the season. Creamy, chocolaty, and crafted to perfection, this Halloween-themed drink has enough espresso to keep you up for every Halloween festivity. As for the treats, the infamous Spider Donut is back, and it's sweeter than ever. Imagine: a frosted doughnut with orange icing that's topped with a glazed chocolate Munchkin doughnut hole, complete with a chocolate drizzle for the spider legs and orange drizzles for the eyes. Yum.

And that's not all! The fan-favorite doughnut-maker is also giving trick-or-treaters a chance to win scary-good prizes every day from Wednesday, Oct. 13, through Halloween right from their phones. Players just need to check out, where they can instantly win $1,000 or a Dunkin' eGift Card to use toward a Peanut Butter Cup Macchiato or Spider Donut. Got chills yet? The brand is also selling DIY Dunkin' Donut Decorating Kits that feature a box of doughnuts with icing and sprinkle blends so you can make your very own Halloween sweets. Snag these offers before they're gone, and enjoy Dunkin's most mouthwatering Halloween treats now!