It May Not Summon Witches, but This TikTok-Famous Skull Candle From Target Is Terrifying

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Target always kills it with Halloween decorations, but the fan-favorite retailer has taken things to the next level this year, and TBH, we're spooked. The retailer's shelves are filled with everything from light-up candy-corn jack-o'-lanterns and ghost candy bowls to mini haunted mansions and even a life-size gold skeleton (yes, you need one). And just when you think that's good enough, TikTok users discovered a new candle, and it's about as spooky, scary, and downright creepy as it gets. The Bleeding Skull Halloween Flame Candle ($10) does just what it says and bleeds . . . out of its eyes. Uh, spooked yet?

The candle became a sensation on TikTok and, as you might expect, has already sold out online. Some dedicated shoppers have found it in stores, so be sure to stay on the lookout! There are also dupes like this Black Skull Candle from Amazon and these Little Skulls from Etsy that make for a close second if you want one ASAP. With chilling candles like these, you know your Halloween is going to be good. Oh, and the best part? They can double as decor all year-round if you're into majorly spooky accents. The next time you go to Target, keep your eyes peeled for this Halloween treat, and prepare to scare!