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Easy and Creamy Smoothie Bowl Recipes | Instagram Videos

I'm Obsessed With These Colorful Vegan Smoothie Bowls — Cookie Monster Nice Cream?!

Sure, Instagram smoothie bowls look gorgeous when you're swiping through your dash. But, if you're like me, you've probably tried recreating them at home and ended up slurping your smoothie with a spoon out of spite, refusing to admit to yourself that you added too much liquid. To save me (and anyone else) from eating any more frozen soup, plant-based foodie Emily Daniels — aka @wholesomehedonista on Instagram — is sharing all her recipes for creamy smoothie bowls, and they're all so thick they basically qualify as nice cream.

Colorful and easy to make, the smoothies only require a few ingredients and a high-powered blender to throw together. But Emily adds a twist by adding healthy powders and ingredients that turn them into neon and pastel works of art almost too pretty to eat. (She even has a banana-free recipe!) Personally, I have my eye on the coconut Cookie Monster Nice Cream Bowl and the Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl, but you can blend your way through the whole rainbow of smoothie bowls she's whipped up. Check out some of her sweetest recipes here and remember to chop your bananas before you freeze them to make the blending process easier.

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