The Hottest Takes You'll Ever Read About Halloween Candy

The excitement of Halloween candy is timeless. Whether you're a child eager to collect your basket full of treats, or a 20-something walking out of Target with a massive variety pack of chocolate the day those thematic bags hit shelves, there is truly no age limit to the insatiable Halloween sweet tooth. As we've gotten older and become more acquainted with the gift that is seasonal candy, naturally, we've formed some opinions on our favorites. Strong opinions, might I add. To some, candy corn is a delicacy that deserves more respect, and to others, it's an atrocity to our taste buds. And more debates like this abound.

Below, editors across POPSUGAR have weighed in on their most steadfast Halloween candy beliefs. Never did we think that Halloween candy could be so polarizing!

Miniature Candy Is Ideal, and King-Size Candy Is Overrated

  • "I used to tailor my trick-or-treating route as a child based on which houses gave out king-size candy, because duh — more sugar! But looking back, I never actually finished any of those bars because they were way too big and I'd get sick of them halfway through. Nowadays, I absolutely prefer mini candy bars because I can enjoy the flavors of Twix, Snickers, and Milky Way in just a few bites. I'll take a mixed variety bag over a king-size bar any day." — Victoria Messina, senior editor, Breaking News
  • "In the realm of Halloween candy, there's always the usual suspects — Snickers, Hersheys, Starbursts — and the truly elite, the items that gleam like treasure in any candy bag. In a sea of what I thought were generally overly chocolate-y choices, mini Airheads always felt like true treasures to me. While I'd rarely buy a whole pack of Airheads at the candy store, their mini versions were perfect and rare. I'll still sometimes pick up a single watermelon Airhead at a gas station just to savor its tangy taste and relive my childhood." — Lena Felton, director, Special Content
  • "The mini Twizzlers taste so much better than the normal ones, and I will not hear otherwise." — Ariel Baker, assistant editor, Beauty

Halloween-Shaped Candy Is Better Than the Original Shape

  • "Happy to go on record to say seasonal blob Reese's — my affectionate name for all vaguely shapeless holiday Reese's — are the superior form of Halloween candy. I'm, of course, also a classic Reese's devotee, but the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is weighed most heavily towards peanut butter in 'ghost' form, so that's just an undeniable win." — Lisa Robinson, director, Marketing and Distribution

Candy Corn Is the Best

  • "I would like to say that candy corn is a Halloween delicacy, and the slander it receives is unwarranted." — Ariel Baker
  • "I personally love the soft, sweet taste of candy corn. Every year, I will indulge in a bag or two to get my holiday fix, and I am undoubtedly on team candy corn!" — Perri Konecky, associate director, Breaking News
  • "I'm not going to say candy corn is delicious. There are plenty of other candies I'd prefer to treat myself to on Halloween, but the hate it receives seems unjustified. Sure, candy corns are pretty much morsels of flavorless sugar, but by that logic, they have all the confectionary value of jelly beans, candy hearts, pop rocks, and other miniature sweets. Plus, if you pop a couple of pieces of candy corn and a couple of peanuts in your mouth at the same time, it almost exactly replicates the flavor of a Payday bar. Jelly beans can't do that." — Chanel Vargas, associate editor, Breaking News

The Pumpkin Candy Corn Blend Is Elite

  • "Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins scream Halloween for me. The brand used to make a harvest mix that included maple- and chocolate-flavored pieces, but I'm dating myself because this had to be 20 years ago. That said, I still stand by the joy that comes with the scent of the candy when you first open the bag, and the uber-sweet candy-corn-like taste of those delightful orange and green saccharine confections. So if you hate candy corn, these are definitely not for you, although they are a tad less sweet." — Cynthia Puleo, Copy Editor

Candy Corn Is the Worst

  • "Candy corn sucks. Full stop, period. When it comes to the taste, it's always the least interesting Halloween candy. The flavor is just sugar, nothing else. And the texture is chalky and waxy. I'm not sure why candy corn has had such a chokehold on us as a society, but it's time we break free." — Alexis Jones, senior health editor, Wellness

Tootsie Rolls Reign Supreme

  • "Tootsie rolls are my guiltiest pleasure — no, like, I could eat a full bag in one sitting — but the only time it feels remotely acceptable to buy them in bulk is around Halloween time, so I count them as my favorite 'Halloween candy.' I love the original flavor (chocolate, allegedly) but spooky season is also when you can stock up on the big bags of fall-inspired caramel apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice." — Kelsey Castañon, content director, Beauty

Kourtney Kardashian's KitKat Method Is Genius

  • "The oldest Kardashian went viral for her — admittedly — bizarre approach to KitKats back in 2016, somehow turning a simple treat into a multistep chore. She started by nibbling off the chocolate from each end before separating the individual wafers and enjoying the candy layer by layer. I was among the first naysayers to dismiss her technique — until trying it myself. Now, after testing her arduous (but inexplicably enjoyable) system, I still credit Kourt for enhancing my KitKat experience seven years later. The cookie to chocolate ratio is truly unmatched." — Chandler Plante, assistant editor, Breaking News

Almond Joy Brings Joy

  • "Almond Joy bars are amazing. People who don't like Almond Joy are wrong, but I'm glad they exist, because they give me theirs. It is an almost perfect candy. The coconut, chocolate, and almond are in perfect harmony. Mounds are also great, though I have been clamoring forever for them to make a Mounds that has an almond in it. That would be the best of all." — Victoria Edel, staff writer, Movies and TV

Dark Chocolate Is Better Than Milk Chocolate

  • "When some people say they like chocolate, they really mean they like sugar. Between rich fillings — including caramel, nougat, marshmallow, and cookie wafers — it's hard to taste the actual cocoa. Even the flavors of milk chocolate itself are overwhelmed by the cloying sweetness of the candy. But when I profess my love for chocolate, I'm referring to bars with a 70 percent label or higher and minimal fillings: a sprinkle of hazelnuts, a dash of sea salt. Not only is the chocolate flavor more pronounced if you're eating it by itself, but the bittersweet elements of the dark chocolate beautifully complement sweeter fillings. Plus, it satisfies my sweet tooth without the lingering feeling that I've just dunked my head into a trick-or-treat bag." — Chanel Vargas

Let's Skip the Cherry-Flavored Candy

  • "Cherry-flavored candy tastes like cough syrup. I don't know how else to put it. When it comes to artificial flavors, I know they're not supposed to taste like the original. After all, I'm a huge fan of anything strawberry flavored, and rarely does it taste like actual strawberries. When it comes to cherry flavoring, though, the candy companies have it all wrong. If ever a cherry-flavored candy touches my tongue, I'm immediately reminded of being spoon-fed thick, red syrup to combat colds as a kid. At least banana-flavored candies have an excuse — given that the flavoring is based on a now-extinct banana variety — but cherry flavoring has some major work to do." — Chanel Vargas

Yes, There Is One M&M That Tastes Best

  • "As a kid, I used to grab a handful of M&Ms, close my eyes, and try to guess the color as I picked up each individual candy before popping it into my mouth. Was I ever right? About half the time, but that's to be expected, statistically speaking. What I knew for sure then and I stand by now, though, is that the blue M&M tastes superior. Sure, they're all just chocolates coated in a colorful glaze, but the blue ones indulge my eyes before they indulge my taste buds. The blue M&M is cool; it's vibrant; it's the color of cartoon food; and it's by far the best M&M." — Chanel Vargas