Yum! This Cake-Flavored Funfetti Cereal Is My Inner Child's Dream Come True

If you're known for shaking a few sprinkles onto a plate of pancakes or waffles to make breakfast more tasty, this new Funfetti Cereal is going to make your day. The cake-flavored cereal will be available at Walmart and other retailers nationwide for $4 to $6 beginning in August, and we have a feeling it's going to be worth the wait — it's packed with rainbow sprinkles! The dessert-inspired cereal, made by Hometown Food Company, comes in a 17-ounce box for the whole family to share, or if you're anything like me, to enjoy by the spoonful with some ice cold milk as the perfect late-night snack. Whether you're planning to enjoy it for breakfast, dessert, or for a crunchy midday treat, take a closer look at this colorful Funfetti cereal ahead.