Yum — This Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal From TikTok Is Basically Gourmet Cookie Crisp

One of the greatest joys of being an adult also happens to be one of my greatest vices: I can eat whatever I want for breakfast. While this typically means I can whip up homemade waffles and avocado toast seven days a week, it also means there's nothing stopping me from eating four bowls of this homemade chocolate chip cookie cereal. Inspired by the mini pancake cereal craze, TikTok users are now baking tiny chocolate chip cookies to serve up as cereal. Where was this genius idea when I was 6 years old?!

While some users are baking up a storm and making their own mini cookies from scratch, the trick to throwing together a quick bowl of this chocolate-filled treat is to buy a pack of premade cookie dough. If the dough is flat, cut each preportioned cookie into six pieces. If you're using a tub of dough, shape the mixture into balls about the size of a penny. Follow the package instructions to bake and serve up with the ice cold milk of your choice. See more inspiration to put together a tasty bowl of chocolate chip cookie cereal for yourself ahead.