Halloween Milk and Cookie Shots Exist, and We'll Take a Dozen, Please!

It wouldn't truly feel October without embracing all of the spooky foods and drinks the world has to offer, and we officially have another treat to add to our list: Halloween cookie shots! An amazing place called The Dirty Cookie in Southern California is the mastermind behind this Instagram-worthy dessert that Halloween-lovers are obsessing over. The Dirty Cookie is known for offering the quintessential milk and cookie shot in a variety of unique flavors and shapes, like red velvet, matcha, cookies and cream, Hello Kitty, and, of course, unicorn.

As we get closer to Oct. 31, the bakery has added jack-o'-lanterns, Frankenstein's monsters, ghosts, and more spooky editions of its cookie shots to the menu. If you're not fortunate enough to be able to visit the Tustin, CA, shop in person, the company offers nationwide shipping! We're suddenly considering opting out of homemade Halloween desserts for our parties this year and ordering a couple dozen of these instead. To visually satisfy your sweet tooth, scroll through to see all of the festive cookie shots people are sharing.