Um, the Secret Harley Quinn Frappuccino at Starbucks Looks WILD

Hey, Puddin'! It only seems fitting that the latest secret drink discovery at Starbucks is a colorful, sugary concoction inspired by the one and only Harley Quinn. After the highly anticipated release of Birds of Prey, fans are continuing to show their support for their favorite gal with this strawberry creation, which is a strawberry Frappuccino with vanilla bean and hazelnut flavoring, strawberry puree, and whipped cream topped with smashed matcha powder and dried dragon fruit. Here's how you can order the Harley Quinn Frappuccino:

  1. Order a strawberry Frappuccino (any size).
  2. Add vanilla and hazelnut flavoring to the blend.
  3. Ask for strawberry puree at the bottom of your cup.
  4. Ask to top half of the whipped cream with matcha powder and the other half with crushed dried dragon fruit.
  5. Thank your barista for making your long-winded order!

Your barista might look a little overwhelmed by your drink request, so keep in mind this particular order requires a little extra TLC. Although this Harley Quinn drink creation might give you a sugar rush, it sounds just as delicious as it is colorful, and Harley wouldn't have it any other way.