This Secret Starbucks Drink Has Pink Cold Foam and Tastes Like Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Looking to "treat yo' self" à la Donna Meagle this Valentine's Day? While mimosas and fine leather goods are certainly tempting, we suggest heading to Starbucks to try out the latest secret menu creation spreading across social media. Seemingly first invented by food vlogger Meredith King, the drink involves cold brew, white mocha and raspberry flavoring, and pink cold foam, making for one heck of a tasty V-Day-approved beverage. There have been a few varying recipes floating around the interwebs this week, but the general gist suggests the following formula:

  1. Order a venti cold brew.
  2. Add two pumps of raspberry and two pumps of white mocha.
  3. Ask for cold foam made with strawberry puree.
  4. Have it topped with chocolate curls (or a mocha drizzle if your Starbucks doesn't have chocolate curls).
  5. Thank your barista for fielding your tedious order.

Most Starbucks-lovers who've tried out the drink say it tastes like chocolate-covered strawberries, so yeah, we're sold! Although this cold brew creation has been making the rounds on Instagram in honor of Valentine's Day, it sounds yummy enough (and looks pretty enough!) to order any time of year.