I Suggest We Form a Drinking Circle, Because Hocus Pocus Canned Wine Is a Thing

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Update: As of Sept. 30, these wines are unfortunately no longer on the market or available for purchase.

Original Story: I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle Hocus Pocus wine to become a thing, and now that it's here, I really need to form a calming circle. In honor of the virtual Hocus Pocus cast reunion taking place on Oct. 30, California-based beverage and design shop Eliqs has released two different canned wines that pay homage to the Sanderson sisters — and no, they weren't concocted in their giant, bubbling cauldron. The first of the limited-edition cans are filled with Besa mi Vino's organic white wine and decorated with the phrase "I Put a Spell on You, and Now You're Wine," along with an image of the three witches positioned in front of a moon. And for those who prefer their wine pink, there's also a Rosé option, which comes sealed up in red cans decorated with the Sanderson Sisters' faces.

Another very important detail worth noting: each sale of Eliq's Hocus Pocus-inspired wines benefits the New York Restoration Project, which helps restore parks and gardens in underresourced communities throughout the Big Apple. The nonprofit was founded by none other than Bette Midler, aka Winifred Sanderson, so you can rest easy knowing your canned wine purchase is going toward a worthy cause. Snag your six-pack (or a variety 12-pack!) ahead before other Hocus Pocus fans run "amuck, amuck, amuck" and cause a sellout online.