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TikTok's Homemade Cheez-It Recipe

This 2-Ingredient Cheez-It Recipe From TikTok Just Made Keto a Lot Tastier


If you are following a keto diet, have a gluten allergy, or just really want to make Cheez-Its at home, this recipe from TikTok is about to be your new go-to snack. It only takes two ingredients to make — cheese and salt — and I can confirm the result is nothing short of delicious. After a tiny bit of prep, all you have to do is cook for 25 minutes, and they're ready to go.

TikTokers have used everything from colby jack to sharp cheddar, so it seems any type of cheese is fair game, though I'd steer clear of creamier cheeses that won't crisp up as well. I found cheddar works best for a crispier Cheez-It, and though technically gouda works too, it ended up being slightly chewier than I had hoped.


As instructed by TikTok users @kortneyandkarlee, you'll start with four slices of the cheese of your choice, which you'll then cut into four even smaller pieces and sprinkle with salt before piercing with a straw to create the signature Cheez-It center hole. Honestly, this straw step ended up being pretty pointless. When the cheese bubbles up in the oven, the big hole in the center is replaced by smaller holes throughout. It's not actually going to end up looking much like a Cheez-It, and that's OK. I tested out a couple oven temperatures to minimize the bubbling, but it didn't affect the results.

I experimented with string cheese and shredded cheese, too, and found that you can still make Cheez-Its just as easily without the presliced cheese. Keep in mind that the smaller the slice of cheese, the more it spreads. So if you're keen on your Cheez-Its retaining their square shape (or whatever shape), you can easily do so with shredded cheese and a cookie cutter — just make sure it's a metal one.

The original recipe calls for 25 minutes in the oven at 275°F, but I ended up taking them out about five minutes early because they were borderline burning. After letting them cool for a full 10 minutes, they popped off the parchment paper effortlessly. It's hard to compare this recipe to classic Cheez-Its; the texture is more like Cheez-It Snap'd crackers or potato chips. Regardless, they have a really great crunch to them, and they taste much cheesier, too. I could probably eat a handful of regular Cheez-Its without thinking, but with these I felt satisfied after just a few because each chip is balanced with just the right amount of savoriness, crispiness, and cheesiness.

It's hard to believe they're made of only two ingredients, considering they taste better than boxed Cheez-Its. Who knew making such an iconic snack could be so simple and low-carb? I guess we have TikTok to thank for yet another innovative food trend.



Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kalea Martin
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