Cheez-Its Are Now Available in the Form of Cheesy Popcorn, and Wow, I'm Drooling

Movie nights are about to get a whole lot better 'cause Cheez-It just announced a popcorn iteration that tastes like the cheesy snacks you already love. You might be thinking . . . why mess with perfection? And while I'm usually in agreement that nothing tops an original, I think I might have to make an exception here because I have to say, these snacks look pretty damn delicious.

Packed with "the distinctive taste of 100 percent real cheese," Cheez-It's loaded popcorn comes in two flavors: cheddar and white cheddar. According to the brand, the cheddar version tastes just like the original Cheez-It flavor, in the form of "light and airy" popcorn. On the other hand, the white cheddar snacks are made with real cheese that has been "carefully aged for a smooth, creamy taste." OK, well, I'm sold on that one.

As observant shoppers have recently discovered, the new Cheez-It popcorn is already available at retailers nationwide, but they'll only be around a limited time, so be sure to snatch a bag when you can. Get a closer look at the cheesiness ahead.