How to Smartly Grocery Shop at Costco For 1

POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts
POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts

Costco's low prices for bulk groceries seem like an obvious choice for families, but what about parties of one? If you live alone or are shopping for just yourself, here are some smart choices you can make in the food section to take advantage of the deals without accidentally wasting your pretty pennies.

Never Go to Costco Hungry

You'll be swayed to purchase all the samples, but once you're home, you'll wonder why in the world did you think it was a good call to buy a triple pack of spicy tofu noodes?! Therefore, always make a list prior to going to Costco and eat before you enter the aisles. If you forget, do thyself a favor and eat a slice of pizza from the food court.

Buy Your Staples ONLY

You know what you eat day in and day out and what you constantly buy at the grocery and seem to always run out of. If you can't say with confidence that you can finish a large container of something and quickly, too, don't purchase it. Also, use Costco's coupons for your favorite items rather than for something random that sounds enticing.

Become BFFs With Canned and Frozen Foods

What do canned soups, canned tuna, beer, and frozen burritos have in common? These groceries have an extended shelf life and are packaged up for one. Perfect! Consider this when purchasing groceries. Frozen fruit and veggies are also usually safe for the solo grocery buyer, but be sure you are choosing items that you'll really and truly want to eat on the regular.

Be Careful When It Comes to Perishables

Milk, eggs, cheese, and fresh meat and produce can spell trouble for the solo shopper since they come in such large packages. Yogurt and butter may be the few exceptions, as they usually come in smaller, more manageable packages.