Smart Costco Shoppers Take Advantage of These Grocery Hacks

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If you are a Costco regular, you may be familar with all the money-saving tips out there . . . or so you think! When it comes to groceries at Costco, don't be duped into buying more than you need. Here's how to smartly shop and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Research the Best Deals

Research and make sure you're getting the best deal price per ounce, otherwise, you just bought a gallon of peanut butter for no reason. Staples like eggs, whole milk, bananas, whole-wheat bread, and chicken breasts are some of the best items to buy at Costco.

Always Have a List and Stick to It

There are no maps in Costco, and groceries are put at the back of the stores to force customers to walk through the rows of merchandise. Don't be swayed by their schemes! Create a list of what you need so you are more apt to stick to it.

Never Go When You're Hungry

It sounds so obvious, but always shop on a full stomach so you can avoid making spontaneous purchases that you definitely don't need, like five pounds of frozen potstickers after you tried and enjoyed the sample. Do yourself a favor and at least hit up the pizza window at the front of the store before venturing down the aisles. We promise, no one is immune to their hunger in a Costco.

Don't Try to Shop For One

Unless you have a large family or a small business, you probably will end up with too much food from Costco that will just end up at the dump, so devise a plan. Either join forces with a few friends and split up the giant packs of eggs, Cuties, yogurt packs, etc., or opt to do as one POPSUGAR editor does and donate the extra food to a shelter or nonprofit center nearby. You save, and they win.

Remember the Coupons

Did you know Costco has coupons? Scan the site monthly for your essential items, i.e. Cheerios and Brita filters.