This Is the Best Way to Store Garlic For Maximum Freshness

Garlic is one of my favorite ingredients to cook with. It brings all flavors in a dish to life and can be used in so many different kinds of meals. But I have had some difficulty in storing the stinky white bulbs. Sometimes when I would leave them out in a basket, let's say with some bananas, weird green thorns would bulge out of the garlic sooner than I'd like. Or worse, they'd get soft. So, what's the best way to store garlic for maximum freshness? In the refrigerator or in an dark, cool area.

When storing garlic, make sure that no sunlight is beaming in on them and that it's not too warm. It's also smart to leave them somewhere where they get good circulation, otherwise they'll spoil sooner. But the one way I like to store my garlic to last the longest is by simply placing them in the refrigerator. I often leave them in the little mesh bag they come in or place them in a small plastic bag. The coolness of the refrigerator helps the garlic stay fresher longer — up to weeks at a time.

This way to store is helpful because then I can buy my garlic in bulk, making it easy for me to grab when I feel the need to whip up some fresh salsa or spaghetti sauce. Wasting any type of food drives me crazy, especially garlic because I use it so often. So, by placing them in the refrigerator, it helps them stay fresher longer, giving me plenty of time to use them in my favorite recipes.