Disneyland's New Glittery Unicorn Cupcake Has a Tasty Surprise Inside

Some of the best things in life have surprises inside: cereal boxes, Easter eggs, and now Disneyland's new iridescent unicorn cupcake! This cupcake has everything — rainbow, sparkles, edible "pearls," and confetti, not to mention a tasty secret filling. It's available for $7 at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, and it's worth the price for the colorful photos alone.

Disneyland enthusiasts on Instagram describe the cupcake as a sweet confetti cake base filled with a mango-passion fruit center, topped with a white chocolate and champagne frosting and decorated with a white chocolate horn, chocolate ears, and edible glitter.

Don't mind that sound — it's just our stomachs grumbling!

The new iridescent unicorn cupcake joins a family of other adorable Disney cupcakes available throughout the parks, so it might even be time to create a Disney cupcake bucket list. Ahead, scope out every angle of this new rainbow treat!