A Brief Look Back at Melissa McCarthy's Funniest Food Skits

The reason Melissa McCarthy is so dang funny is the actress commits hard to her characters. Whether the script calls for her to eat an entire jar of ranch dressing or get down and dirty with some food, she is game. You will be equal parts amused and shocked by these Melissa skits . . . all of which involve food in some way.

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This Chopped parody, lovingly referred to as "Smooshed," will evoke the entire human spectrum of emotions: anxiety, anticipation, horror, and glee . . . to name a few.

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"Movie Night"

The dried pasta "snack" in this "Movie Night" skit is too good. You may find yourself shuddering from relating and also crying laughing.

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"Supermarket Spree"

Between the giant beef leg and fueling up on a jar of mayo, this "Supermarket Spree" skit will have you cracking up. Don't worry, folks. She's got a plan.

"Pizza Eating Business"

Melissa speaks for all of us when she says, "I legitimately love eating pizza."

"Test Screening"

You will actually scream at Melissa's frightening reactions in the "Test Screening" skit. Just don't watch this skit while eating.

"Hidden Valley Ranch Taste Test"

LOL, got to love Melissa's dedication to a friggin' ranch taste test. Do hold out until the end of the skit, which is by far the best part. You'd think she is talking about wine when she says, "I'm getting a big hint of kiwi."