Did We Wish Upon a Star? Because Mickey Mouse Cookie Cereal Is a Real Dream Come True

Alright, I'm willing to go on record and say the new trend of baking mini desserts for cereal is one of the greatest baking hacks of all time. Seriously, I love using cereals as an excuse to eat whatever I want for breakfast, whether that's dozens of mini pancakes, a nostalgic twist on Cookie Crisp, mini french toast pieces, or tiny doughnuts. Instagram and TikTok have given me so much baking content recently, but my newest fixation is the Mickey Mouse cookie cereal. It's giving me all the magic and whimsy I've needed while missing the parks, and it definitely seems like something the resorts might add to their buffet menus once they get wind of it!

To make things easy, you can just use premade cookie dough and shape it into mini Mickey Mouses. Chocolate chip is a go-to classic, but you can also use sugar cookie dough and mix in sprinkles or roll it in some cinnamon sugar for different flavors. For anyone hesitant about shaping the little mouse ears (if you don't happen to have a mini Mickey Mouse cookie cutter handy), I suggest the smaller, the better. To make sure the cookies won't come out as misshapen clumps, roll in the palm of your hands a penny size of dough for the body. Then make dime-size rolls for the ears, but cut the balls in half and press them down onto the head with a light thumb press.

Follow the cookie-dough packaging for baking instructions, but I recommend checking on them about halfway through the allotted time since they're smaller in size. If you prefer crispier cereals that don't get soggy as soon as the milk hits, leave them in the oven a little longer. Serve them up with the milk of your choice (I went full-on nostalgia with strawberry almond milk), and enjoy!