Calling All Cookie-Lovers: The Mystery Oreo Flavor Has Been Revealed and It's . . . Churro!

Nabisco has brought back its Mystery-flavored Oreos, and I now have a new excuse to load my shopping cart with cookies. The mystifying Oreo hit shelves nationwide on Sept. 16, and our taste buds were beyond ready for the challenge of guessing the new flavor. Now, after months of guessing, that flavor has finally been revealed: Cinnamon Sugar Churro Oreos!

Oreo has gone all out on new flavors this year, including Maple Creme Oreos, Marshmallow Moon Oreos, Latte-flavored Oreo Thins, and S'mores Oreos, so churro is just one more delicious cookie flavor to enjoy. Personally, I'd also love to see coconut-cream-pie-flavored Oreos. What about Lucky Charms Oreos? Toffee Oreos? Sea salt caramel Oreos??? The possibilities for next year are pretty much endless.

Three packs of the Mystery Oreos were initially released featuring one different hint per pack. Through Nov. 10, cookie-lovers were allowed to submit their flavor guesses to for a chance to win $50,000. The winner has since been notified, leaving the path for next year's winner wide open. Here's to hoping one of our favorite cookie flavors makes it into a sleeve of Oreos in 2020.