This Cereal Turns Your Milk Into Cold Brew Coffee, and It's . . . Interesting

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Attention, coffee-lovers! Do you ever wake up and think, "Man, I wish I could just have coffee-flavored cereal" in the morning? Well, you're in luck thanks to the new cereal brand OffLimits. The brand, which was started by Breakfast: The Cookbook author and Breakfast Club events host Emily Miller, has two cereal flavors. Dash, whose mascot is an energetic bunny, is made with Intelligentsia coffee and cacao and actually turns your cereal milk into cold brew as you eat. Zombie, whose mascot is a — you guessed it — chilled out zombie, includes relaxing adaptogens like pandan, vanilla, and ashwagandha. Both cereals use whole ingredients and are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. The Dash mascot is also the very first female cereal character, which is pretty surprising, but also about damn time!

I was so intrigued by the Dash cereal and knew I had to try it, and right off the bat, it reminded me of my childhood, complete with the brightly colored packaging and the cartoon mascot. The cereal even came with stickers and a little toy! When it comes to look and texture, Dash reminded me of a cup of Cocoa Puffs, but with the first bite, I could tell it wasn't a bowl of superchocolaty goodness. While I drink coffee regularly, the taste was just a *little* too strong for me. It tasted like I was back in NYC getting a cup of iced coffee from the local cafe, which is great, but I prefer to not combine that with my cereal. If you love a strong cup of Joe, you'll definitely be into this cereal, but if you're looking for a more sugary cereal to start your day, you'll probably want to stick to Cocoa Puffs.

You can only order two boxes at a time (either two boxes of one flavor or one box of each), so make sure you're ready for some strong cereal before you commit! Keep reading to shop the Dash cereal ahead.