15 Oreo Hacks You've Been Missing Your Entire Life

There's no doubt about it: Oreo is the queen of cookies. And while eating an Oreo (or 10) straight from the package is great enough to begin with, there's a whole world of hacks on the internet that are here to make our Oreo-eating experience even better. You can easily DIY Oreo-inspired concoctions like cookies and cream ice cubes, Oreo churros, and Oreo freeze pops, thanks to these step-by-step tutorials. Keep reading to watch every amazing Oreo trick your life has been missing — until now.

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Oreo Sprinkles

Would you like some cracked black pepper with that? Or perhaps some freshly cracked Oreo sprinkles?

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Oreo Freeze Pops

These two-ingredient DIY Oreo popsicles could not be easier.

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Oreo "Tortilla" Chips With Strawberry Salsa

Leave it to LA chef Michael Voltaggio to whip up a totally unexpected dish inspired by a common cookie. He makes tortilla chips by pulsing Oreos with flour and water and baking them in the oven until they're crispy. Served with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and alongside strawberry salsa (strawberries, lime juice, mint, and sugar), they're the dessert version of chips and salsa that you've never tried. Bonus points: he serves it with a shandy made of lemon-Oreo syrup instead of lemonade.

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Oreo Toast

Who says you can't have Oreos for breakfast? This video shows you how to make an oddly intriguing Oreo mush (for lack of a better word) that you can spread on toast for a chocolaty treat.

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Deep-Fried Oreos

Yes, we really went there. If you can't get this state-fair favorite anywhere near you, you can make it yourself (and you might be mad about how much you love it).

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Oreo Ice Cubes

Ingenious! Just crush up Oreos and fill your ice tray with milk, and you'll have cookies and cream ice cubes to make a cold glass of milk or iced coffee so much better.

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Party Dunk

Wait, this makes so much sense. You don't need a glass for dunking because the middle column in the Oreo package was made to become a milk river for ultimate dunkability and sharing.

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Oreo Doughnuts

These aren't just chocolate doughnuts with Oreos on top. The doughnuts themselves are coated in a decadent chocolate glaze made with Oreo milk, drizzled with more Oreo milk, and topped with Oreos so that every single bite is filled with cookies and cream flavor.

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Oreo Popcorn

Why didn't we think of this years ago?

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Oreo Truffles

Oreo truffles sound fancy, but they truly couldn't be easier. Transform the cookies into decadent chocolate-covered treats that are perfect for a crowd at dinner parties and birthdays.

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Oreo Joe

If a mocha is your favorite coffee drink, your life will be forever changed by this Oreo-infused version.

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Oreo Churros

If you can't find Oreo churros in the freezer section at your grocery store, never fear. This hacked version is even better.

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Fork Hack

Instead of trying to avoid getting your fingers dirty as you're dunking, you can stick a fork in the center of the Oreo to ensure the whole thing gets covered in milk.

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The only possible way to improve s'mores is to make them with Oreos.