Disneyland's New PB&J Drink Is a Grape-Jelly-Flavored Slush Topped With Loads of Gooey Peanut Butter

Disneyland is filled with nostalgia, and a lot of the time that comes in the form of food. The latest creation to come from Disney's culinary wizards is a peanut butter and jelly slush, which sounds like a trip back to our beloved childhood lunches. The frozen treat is a grape jelly slush inside a peanut-butter-lined cup. It's then topped with more peanut butter and a warm, sugar-coated cake donut! How unbelievable does that sound?! The PB&J concoction can be found at Maurice's Treats in Fantasyland for $8. Keep reading to check out more photos of the new slush, and make sure you add it to your must-get treat list for your next trip to Disneyland.