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Pillsbury's Lucky Charms Cookies Are Popping Up at Walmart

Preheat Your Oven! Pillsbury Now Has Lucky Charms Cookies Filled With Marshmallows

I know you're technically not supposed to eat dessert for breakfast, but what about when your dessert has cereal in it? I'm asking because Pillsbury is now selling limited-edition Lucky Charms Cookie Dough, and I'm prepared to eat Lucky Charms cookies for all three meals.

Instagram foodie @thejunkfoodaisle recently drew attention to the brand-new treat that's packed with the nostalgic cereal's colorful marshmallow bits. You can find the sugar cookies at certain Walmart locations for around $3, and thankfully, each package promises 12 extra-large desserts. You can't help but feel lucky with a cookie in each hand, right? I'm pretty sure the phrase "magically delicious" takes on a whole new meaning now that these sweets are around.

Image Source: Walmart
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