Hershey's Kisses Cereal Is Showing Up on Walmart Shelves, and I'm Ready For a Spoonful

Do you think my holiday guests will mind if I serve cereal instead of gingerbread cookies at our Yankee Swap party? I ask because now that I know Walmart carries Hershey's Kisses Cereal, I might need to swap all of my sweet treats for a bowlful of chocolate pieces instead.

This brand-new cereal was rumored to have a 2020 release, but it looks like some lucky shoppers are finding it early. YouTube user Tami Dunn was one of the first to spot the cereal on shelves, and gave a full review on her channel. She confirmed it retails for around $4, and yes, you will have some chocolate milk to slurp up after all the Kisses are eaten.

This General Mills creation is just the latest in a recent dessert-meets-breakfast trend that's been sweeping the cereal aisle. You can find your traditional breakfast in Twinkie, Oreo, Drumstick, and even Sour Patch Kids form. A morning sugar rush has never been so fun!