Pink Pineapples Exist, and You Can Order Them Online Right Now

Fresh Del Monte

Pineapple is delicious on its own, but what if we told you that pink pineapple was a thing? Well, say hello to your wildest dreams, because pink pineapple does exist, and it's even more beautiful than we could imagine. And the best part? You can order your own right now! The unique fruit is new from Fresh Del Monte, and they're available to buy exclusively online. Yep, that's right — your piña colada game is about to get even better.

The Pinkglow Pineapple is unique for a number of reasons, though its gorgeous pink coloring is obviously the most eye-catching. On the outside, a Pinkglow pineapple looks just like any other, but when you cut it open, it has a mouth-watering, beautiful pink glow (hence the name Pinkglow pineapple!). Along with its unique coloring, these pineapples are also sweeter and juicier than traditional pineapples, and they boast "notes of candy aromatics." And if all of this wasn't special enough, these pineapples are grown in ultralimited batches, and they're a whopping 16 years in the making! As mentioned before, they're available to order exclusively online and can be shipped anywhere in the United States, with the exception of Hawaii. They typically cost $49, but prices are subject to change. Dessert-lovers, rejoice — it just got a whole lot sweeter!