Love Pixar's Bao? This Video Re-Creates the Director's Mom's Actual Dumpling Recipe

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Oscar-nominated short Bao is proof that Pixar has a formula for hitting us right in the feels. Stuffed to the brim of the bamboo steamer with adorable moments, the 2018 Pixar short film has quickly become a favorite for parents and kids alike. And now, thanks to YouTube chef and cookbook author Andrew Rea (aka Binging with Babish), the secret to making your own bao dumplings has been revealed. In celebration of the movie's 2019 Oscar nomination, Rea made a video using Bao director Domee Shi's mother's actual recipe for the Chinese dumpling dish, and our chopsticks are ready.

While Bao stands out as the first Pixar short to have a female director, Shi's mother's recipe for bao is special in its own way because it combines a mouthwatering mixture of ground pork, Chinese cabbage, carrots, and scallions, all wrapped up in a chewy (and supercute!) dumpling wrapper. The best part is that they steam in only 15 minutes before they're hot and ready to eat. So grab some chopsticks, because these little dumplings are definitely the perfect comfort food to soak up some of those inevitable Pixar tears.