Prepare For Disney's Holiday Popcorn Bucket to Cause Hour-Long Lines

Well, it looks like Disney's sold-out Oogie Boogie Halloween popcorn bucket really was a "nightmare before Christmas," because the newest specialty bucket to cause hour-long lines at the parks is all about the holidays. The Winter popcorn holder started causing hullabaloo on social media its very first day available in the parks, with fans jumping at the chance to buy several at once. Shaped like Pluto the dog, who is sporting both a sly expression and an ugly Christmas sweater, the bucket is available at Walt Disney World parks for just under $14 โ€” and will hopefully be hitting popcorn stands in Disneyland soon.

Considering the absolute mayhem over the Oogie Boogie buckets, it's reasonable to expect even lengthier lines and sold-out signs as more Disney fans learn about this new seasonal popcorn carrier. Pluto is always adorable, but his festive sweater is extra sweet! Check out photos of the sought-after collectible accessory and understandably excited reactions from park-goers, then start planning your trip to pick up a Pluto bucket before they're gone.