These Realistic Illusion Cakes Are So Spot-On, We're Questioning Everything We Know

Cakes are no longer just . . . cakes. The popular dessert has been taken to new levels in recent years thanks to popular cake shows that showcase how some flour, eggs, and butter can be made into actual works of art. There are life-size cakes, intricate cakes, funny cakes, mini cakes, and so much more. But perhaps our favorite cake trend is the one where the cakes don't look like cakes at all. Yep, illusion cakes are not only so much fun to eat, but they're also really fun to look at and see if your naked eye can guess if it's the real thing or not (seriously, hats off to these unbelievably talented cake artists!).

TikTok user @lukevincentini, a talented baker based out of New Jersey, takes the cake, literally, for some of the best cake fake-outs out there. His TikTok features a few cool behind-the-scenes time-lapses of creating these incredibly realistic cakes, while others will simply have you wondering how it looks so real yet so delectable (seriously, who knew a freakin' shoe could look so appetizing?). I highly recommend binging these 20-plus videos; they're just that satisfying.


Carton of Eggs

White Claw

Nacho Cheese Doritos

Granny Smith Apple

Garden Flowers

T-Bone Steak

Campbell's Tomato Soup

Knitting Yarn

Bouquet of Flowers

Birthday Cake (Inception)

Sprouted Plant

Hot Latte

Ripe Banana

Rubix Cube

Stick of Butter

Fruit Bowl

Leafy Salad

Taco Flight

Reddi-Wip Whip Cream

Coffee Beans

Hidden Valley Ranch

Wilson From Cast Away

A Mango

A Shoe

A Bell