15 Recipes From Great British Baking Show Contestants That You Need to Try (No Marquee Required)

During these last few months at home, many people have discovered (or rediscovered) a love of baking. And while things are slowly starting to open back up again and we aren't spending so much time in our kitchens, a love of cooking never goes away. Thankfully, the stars of one of our favorite shows, The Great British Baking Show, have been sharing some of their favorite recipes with fans on social media. Unfortunately, they're not whipping these up in the famous marquee that overlooks duck-filled ponds and luscious green meadows, but they still bring the same charming bakes that will leave a smile on your face and your stomach full. From cakes to tarts to biscuits, these 15 recipes would definitely earn a handshake from Mr. Paul Hollywood. Now, on your mark, get set, bake!


Martha's Chocolate Covered Honeycomb

For this recipe, all it takes is three ingredients to achieve a "lovely golden crunchy sweet," said 2014 quarterfinalist Martha Collison. What's great about watching Martha, who was one of the show's youngest contestants, is that she also offers alternatives if you don't have golden syrup or a sugar thermometer.

Get the recipe by watching the video above.


David's Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Allow David Atherton, 2019's winner, to bring some rainbow pride to your kitchen with these festive cupcakes. The royal icing and rainbow-shaped biscuits are hard to resist, so get baking and celebrate Pride Month at home this year!

Get the recipe here.


Manon's Charlotte aux Fraises

Manon Lagrève, the French baker from 2018's season, is staying true to her roots with these biscuits à la cuillère with cream and fresh strawberries. This bake is a bit of a commitment, with a freezing time of four hours (or you can leave it overnight after it's assembled), but what you'll get is a cool and creamy dessert that's oh so worth it.

Check out the photo's caption for the recipe.


Selasi's Lemon Tart

If you love all things lemon, this one's for you. Selasi Gbormittah, from the show's fourth season, shared this recipe that's perfect if you want to test your meringue and piping skills.

Get the recipe here.


Chetna's Asparagus Feta Tart

If you're looking for something more savory instead of sweet, Chetna Makan, a 2014 semifinalist, shared her recipe for a flavorful asparagus tart. Chetna uses filo pastry instead of puff, proving that even pros improvise sometimes.

Get the recipe by watching the video above.


Nancy's Viennoiserie

No one can do fluffy puff like Nancy Birtwhistle, the winner of season five. This recipe encourages you to the chill the dough overnight. However, to pass the time, you can enjoy watching the self-proclaimed "queen of baking" sing to Queen in her kitchen.

Get the recipe here.


Kim-Joy's Molang-Inspired Biscuits

These adorable biscuits are perfect if you want to get extracreative with your bakes, which Kim-Joy, a finalist in 2018, is amazing at! Staying true to her name, these biscuits will surely spark joy.

Get the recipe by watching the video above.


Rav's Spinach and Feta Scones

Melted feta in a buttery scone? Sounds like a dream! Rav Bansal, who appeared on the show in 2016, takes it one step further by adding spinach for a pop of color. Yum!

Check out the photo's caption for the recipe.


Alice's Coconut and Raspberry Cake

If you're looking for an extraspecial dessert to treat yourself with, this three-tiered cake from 2019 finalist Alice Fevronia is perfect!

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Benjamina's Lemon Drizzle Cake

This classic crumb cake with a lemon drizzle and sugary top, which comes from 2016 contestant Benjamina Ebuehi, sounds like the perfect light morning treat to have with a cup of coffee.

Check out the recipe here.


Val's Spelt and Ginger Biscuits

Cooking doesn't get much better than when you're doing it with Val Stones, the adorable Ed Sheeran-loving contestant from 2016. What you'll have at the end of this recipe is a nice golden ginger biscuit.

Get the recipe by watching the video above or reading the caption.


Nadiya's Chicken Soup

Comfort foods go far beyond cakes and biscuits, which is why we can't wait to try this chicken soup from season six winner Nadiya Hussain. With spices like turmeric, ginger, and chili powder, this soup packs big flavors.

Get the recipe here.


Dan's Sourdough Loaf

This crunchy sourdough bread from Dan Beasley-Harling, a contestant in 2018, is the perfect treat to enjoy with some warm butter. According to the recipe, it's best to let the dough rise overnight, so give yourself some time for this one.

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James's Cheese Scones

James Hillery, a 2017 contestant, shared this easy recipe for a light and fluffy cheese scone. If you want the full British experience, might I suggest a cup of English breakfast tea with it?

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Frances's Vegan Anzac Koalas

Leave it to Frances Quinn, winner of season four, to create koala-shaped Anzac biscuits. Coconut and sunflower seeds do a fantastic job of mimicking koala fur and add a healthy crunch.

Get the recipe in the gallery above.