Disney's New Simba Pretzel Might as Well Mean No Worries For the Rest of Your Days

The new crowning glory of the Pride Lands has to be the Simba Pretzel at Disney World, inspired by Rafiki's cave drawing from The Lion King. Where else would you expect to find this snack but the adventurous Animal Kingdom? Excited fans just need to make their way to the Harambe Fruit Market to pick up a soft, golden pretzel for themselves. The Simba Pretzel sells for around $7 and is served with a layer of flaky salt and a cheese dip on the side. Yum! I'm practically roaring with excitement just thinking about it.

Disney is really going all out with its food this season. In addition to the everyday treats, like this pretzel, you can also find an array of holiday-themed goodies at Disneyland and Disney World. They truly are the most magical places on Earth! Find more glimpses of the salty snackable Simba Pretzels ahead.