Smirnoff Is Releasing a Raspberry Rosé Drink, So Summer Parties Here We Come!

Even Smirnoff is not immune to the dazzling allure of rosé. Just ahead of the Summer, the vodka brand announced the launch of a new hard seltzer flavor: raspberry rosé. So, we know what you're thinking, and no, the fizzy malt drink unfortunately won't contain actual rosé. Instead, it's simply imbued with raspberry and rosé flavors much like, well, seltzer.

Described as a "crowd-pleaser" and "perfect Summer drink" by brand director Krista Kiisk in a press statement, Smirnoff's Raspberry Rosé only contains 90 calories per can thanks largely to the absence of sugar and artificial sweeteners. You can expect to see the drink in stores in mid-May, with six-packs reasonably priced at $9.