It's Your Lucky Day! These 25 St. Patrick's Day Charcuterie Boards Are the Appetizer You Need

Who needs gold when you can have a charcuterie board at the end of a rainbow? Decked with delicious sweets, lucky charms, gold coins (good enough?), fruits, and other mouth-watering snacks, it's hard to not wish for a festive charcuterie board this St. Patrick's Day. Whether you're celebrating with close friends or plan to hang out on Zoom, these festive boards will make the day top-notch, and at the very least, aesthetically pleasing. From rainbow-shaped boards to boards filled with emerald green treats, both leprechauns and St. Paddy's-lovers alike will appreciate their lucky looks. Prepare your tastebuds and get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit with the 25 beautiful board options, ahead.

Irish Charcuterie Board

Veggie, Fruit, Pretzel, and Dip Snack Board

Shamrock Charcuterie Board

St. Patrick's Day Cheese and Cracker Board

Goldfish Rainbow and Chocolate Board

Green and White Dessert Board

Cookie, Fruit, and Pretzel Board

Rainbow Candy Charcuterie Board

Rainbow Fruit Board

Pot of Gold Sweets Board

Mint Meringue Sweets Board

Fruit, Vegetable, Cheese, and Cracker Board

Fruit, Cheese, Candy, and Heart-Shaped Cracker Board

Sweet-Filled Snack Plate

Lucky Charms Snack Board

Sweet and Savory Snack Board

Rainbow Candy Board

Shamrock Charcuterie Board

Shamrock Sweet and Savory Board

Apple Shamrock Snack Board

Four-Leaf Clover Cheese, Veggie, Fruit, and Sweets Board

Magical Sweets and Fruit Board