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Birthday Charcuterie Board Ideas

30 Birthday Charcuterie Board Ideas That Top Even the Most Delicious Cakes

From pancakes to hot chocolate to candy, creative charcuterie boards have been all over Instagram lately. We love the idea of taking a traditional meat and cheese platter and turning it into something fun and unique, and the latest trend we've spotted does just that and more: birthday charcuterie boards! Don't get us wrong, we love a good birthday cake, but these boards look too cute and delicious to miss out on. And by having a whole board instead of just one cake, you can pack it with different treats and flavors.

Besides the usual cheese, fruit, veggie, and cracker staples, several of these options also include sweets like mini cookie cakes and cupcakes covered in sprinkles. You can also package these up in boxes, so they're the perfect thing to drop off at a friend's house for their special day! Keep reading to see 20+ birthday charcuterie boards for some delicious inspiration.

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