Avocado-Lovers Will Want to Fly All the Way to Korea For This New Starbucks Drink

If your avocado obsession knows no bounds, then you need to meet Starbucks Korea's newest seasonal menu item: the Avocado Blended. The frozen drink pays homage to avocados in every way, from its ingredients to its vivid green design . . . which includes a chocolate "pit" to mirror a real avocado!

The creamy, avocado-flavored beverage has actually graced Korean Starbucks locations before, when it was first introduced three years ago — and as of June 26 it's back by popular demand. But while the flavor will be familiar to the hardcore avocado fans who fell head-over-heels for the Avocado Blended back in 2015, the dark green "peel" design and chocolate topper are new, Instagram-friendly additions to the beverage.

Once you get an eyeful of the creative look from the photos ahead, you won't be surprised that there are already thousands of snaps flooding Instagram and even fan art of the drink bubbling up online. Now, who's ready to go to Korea for an Avocado Blended of their own?