14 Colorful Photos That Show How People Are Decorating Their Starbucks "Red" Cups

Year after year, Starbucks releases its holiday red cups, sparking the excitement of Peppermint Mocha aficionados and Christmas Blend-lovers everywhere. And while we all know that the red cup design typically changes every year, there's something extra different about this year's festive cups: the cups are meant to be colored. Each cup is basically like a page out of a Starbucks coloring book, only it contains coffee! While you're drinking your coffee or latte, you can get creative with a few colored pencils or markers and personalize your cup — which has a white background and is covered in stars, doves, presents, snowflakes, and other holiday symbols — to your liking.

This is the first time Starbucks has done anything like this, and using the hashtag #GiveGood, people are proudly sharing their colored-in cups (because, let's be honest: the main reason to decorate your cup is to share it on Instagram!). It's pretty impressive to see the variety of ways people are coloring in their cups, so get some inspiration for your own "red" cup by taking a look at some of the best works of art.