Starbucks Dropped New Valentine's Day Mugs and Tumblers, and We're Feeling the Love

Starbucks's new Valentine's Day cup and mug collection is finally available at Target, and we are definitely starting to feel the love. A few dedicated coffee-lovers have shared sneak peeks at the new line, which includes hot and cold cups and tumblers covered in different heart-inspired motifs. In addition to a glittery gold tumbler with heart-shaped flower designs, there's a pink mug covered in mini hearts, a rose gold tumbler, and a clear mug with confetti sprinkles inside the handle — so cute! The adorable cups make a great gift for any coffee-loving valentine.

Hot cups include a 16-ounce Reusable Pink Heart Cluster Cup ($2), a 16-ounce Glass Mug with Pink Heart Confetti ($13), a 14-ounce Ceramic Mug with Pink Confetti ($13), a 16-ounce Plastic Tumbler with Pink Heart Clusters ($13), and a 12-ounce Ceramic Tumbler with Terrazzo Pink Hearts ($20). Cups for cold drinks include a 24-ounce Cold Cup with Pink Heart Florals ($19) and a 16-ounce Cold Cup with Terrazzo Pink Hearts ($13).

Oh, and Starbucks has also released a few mouse-themed drinking vessels in honor of 2020 being Year of the Rat in the Lunar New Year cycle, which begins again on Jan. 25. Keep scrolling to take a closer look at all of the adorable new cups and mugs.