15 Facts About Sunny Anderson That Will Make You Love Her Even More

Every time I watch Sunny Anderson on the Food Network, I know I'm in for a good laugh and a memorable cooking tip. The cohost of The Kitchen is known for her approachable comfort food and inviting personality. Curious to know more about Sunny? Read on for 15 facts that will make you an even bigger fan.

  1. She has a bestselling cookbook. Published in 2013, Sunny's Kitchen: Easy Food For Real Life was a New York Times bestselling debut cookbook.
  2. She has four rescue cats, and their names are amazing: Cheddar Cheese, Truffle Tycoon, Milky Mouth, and Sea Salt.
  3. She also has an adorable Boxer.
  4. Before she became a food personality, she was in the Air Force as a radio broadcaster and journalist.
  5. Her big break with Food Network stemmed from a guest appearance on Emeril Live! in 2005.
  6. She has a goofy line of food-themed t-shirts. Sunny's merchandise shop includes punny "bae-con" and "macpot" shirts.
  7. She has hosted five shows on the Food Network: Gotta Get It, Cooking For Real, How'd That Get on My Plate?, Home Made in America With Sunny Anderson, and now, The Kitchen.
  8. She's a Star Wars fan. She even made Darth Vader pancakes.
  9. Her favorite city to visit for the food is New Orleans.
  10. Her guilty pleasure foods are frozen candy bars and macaroni and cheese.
  11. And she has the best four-ingredient mac and cheese recipe with a secret ingredient: gochujang.
  12. She thinks the one kitchen tool every cook should have is a set of thermometers. She told Delish in an interview, "There are real differences between frying at 325 degrees or 350 degrees, and the difference can ruin a recipe. Such a small investment can really take your cooking to another level."
  13. She LOVES music. "Music is my life. Without it I am nothing," Sunny said in her own Facebook Live video.
  14. The one famous person Sunny would invite over for dinner is Whoopi Goldberg. Sunny told Delish the reason is "every time she discusses food, she talks about it like it doesn't play any part in her life. She says she can go forever without eating. I'd be interested in interviewing her about her likes and preparing something she just couldn't live without."
  15. The one ingredient she never leaves the grocery store without is bacon. She tweeted, "The one thing I never have to put on my grocery list is 'bacon;' that's understood."