Trader Joe's New Chew-cuterie Dog Treats Are Packed With Bites of Cheddar, Salami, and More

Some dogs enjoy the simplicity of apple slices or a dollop of peanut butter when it comes to snack time, but the truly sophisticated pups know that artisanal meats and cheeses are what it's all about when it comes to hors d'oeuvres. To satisfy their refined palettes, Trader Joe's released new "Chew-cuterie" dog treats inspired by the classic charcuterie board, and the selection looks almost good enough for humans to eat.

Available for $3 per box, the charcuterie snacks include cheddar cheese biscuits, salami-flavored biscuits, provolone cheese biscuits, and prosciutto biscuits in bite-size pieces shaped like their IRL counterparts. "My puppers Bu and Pot Pie are so excited for this box of treats!" Instagram user traderjoeslist captioned a photo of the treats. "Pot Pie is happy as she loves meaty treats while Bu will eat anything! It's a one size fits all box of treats!"

The snacks are already so popular that pet owners are even asking for a cat version to be released sometime soon. "TJ's need to release a cat version of these cheddar 🧀 , salami 🍖 provolone, and prosciutto," wrote Instagram user traderjolene.

The biscuits do contain wheat and oats, which is something to be mindful of if your pet is grain-free. If not, break out a doggy-sized charcuterie board and slip a bowtie collar onto your four-legged friend for an extravagant pre-dinner snack. Take a closer look at Trader Joe's charcuterie-inspired dog treats here.