This Photographer's New Book Has Photos of Rescue Pups Eating Peanut Butter, and We're in Love

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Although Ohio-based photographer Greg Murray has quite the portfolio, he's found his niche when it comes to pet photography. After releasing his first book Peanut Butter Dogs in 2017, he's proud to debut his second pup-based title, Peanut Butter Puppies — which includes stunning pictures of 70 rescue dogs between the ages of 8 weeks and 12 months old — feasting on their favorite snack.

"I love rescue dogs, especially rescue puppies. They're just so happy, adventurous, and silly," Greg told POPSUGAR. "Working with 70 puppies was crazy. It wasn't easy, as many of them didn't know commands yet. I'm a very patient person when it comes to working with dogs. I don't get upset or stressed during a challenging shoot. It's all about having fun! There was quite a lot of laughter during the 70 photo sessions. It was a fun and eventful two months!"

"It's a great feeling knowing you're saving a life by adopting from a shelter or rescue organization."

The proud owner of two rescue dogs — Leo and Kensie — Greg enlisted the help of 30 animal shelters and rescue organizations in northeastern Ohio to make this adorable project a reality. "Spotlighting rescue dogs is very important to me," Greg explained. "It's a great feeling knowing you're saving a life by adopting from a shelter or rescue organization. Thousands of animals are euthanized on a daily basis. Anything I can do to help bring awareness to rescues and help bring that number down, I will."

In fact, Greg is so passionate about helping rescue animals, he plans to only spotlight pets who are up for adoption going forward. "It's very important for me to advocate for them by using my social media platforms and books. All future books that I come out with will only feature rescue animals," he said. "I got my start as an animal photographer in the early 2010s by volunteering at Cleveland area shelters as a photographer of adoptable dogs and cats. I owe these animals everything. Along with my wife, they helped and inspired me to leave the corporate world and become a full-time photographer."

Humans can preorder a copy of Peanut Butter Puppies ($15), which hits shelves on March 16. Read ahead to get a look at some of Greg's favorite photos from his latest project, and be sure to keep up with his work by following him on Instagram.